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Paying for social care

Paying for social care

This work was commissioned by the Putting People First Consortium and SCIE.  A qualitative study was undertaken to explore the experiences of people paying for their own social care - how do 'self-funders' find their way, and what information and advice do they have access to in making life-changing decisions and undertaking 'journeys without maps'?  The study found that people rarely choose to approach social services, and those that do often do not have positive experiences.  The findings of this study are of great importance for councils addressing their responsibilities for adult social care and ensuring that everyone has access to information and advice.

A parallel quantitative study was commissioned from the Institute of Public Care at Oxford Brookes University, and the two reports are published in this joint volume.



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Melanie Henwood - Health and Social Care Consultant

Melanie Henwood established her health and social care consultancy in 1991; prior to that she held posts at the King's Fund (1989-1991), the Family Policy Studies Centre (1983-1989), and the University of Bath (1981-1983).

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