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The Independent Living Fund

In 2006 Melanie Henwood and Bob Hudson were commissioned by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to carry out a strategic review of the Independent Living Funds.  The report was submitted to Ministers in January 2007 and published in March 2007.

The then Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Work and Pensions (Anne McGuire) issued a written statement in which she said:

"I welcome the thorough review of the Independent Living Funds that has been conducted by Melanie Henwood and Bob Hudson.  Their report comes at an important point in the evolution of social care and it is critical that the Funds' customers do not lose the valuable support that the Funds currently provide.

The report's authors have recommended that through to 2009/10 the Funds should remain in their present form while making considerable improvements.  In the longer term however, they recommend that there should be a smooth transition towards full integration within a system of personalised budgets because it is anomalous to retain a separate Public Body operating in parallel to the mainstream of independent living.

The government will consider these recommendations and their implications for severely disabled people for the social care system across the UK."

In 2012 the Government confirmed that the ILF will close in 2015; the response to consultation was published in December 2012.


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Melanie Henwood established her health and social care consultancy in 1991; prior to that she held posts at the King's Fund (1989-1991), the Family Policy Studies Centre (1983-1989), and the University of Bath (1981-1983).

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