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Major Work

Seeing the Wood for the Trees: Scoping review on carer-related knowledge

30 October 2017

This scoping review is a major piece of research undertaken by Melanie Henwood, in conjunction with Dr Mary Larkin (The Open University) and Prof Alisoun Milne (University of Kent). This NIHR-SSCR funded scoping review provides a comprehensive and unique mapping of what is known about carers and caring, and aims to help inform policy, practice and research in relation to carers. The review was undertaken by searching 10 electronic bibliographic databases, supplemented by additional web searches to identify academic research, grey literature and wider knowledge.

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Dementia Friendly Communities & Skills for Care

21 May 2015

A number of pilot projects were funded by Skills for Care through 2013/14 to develop Dementia Friendly Communities.

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Blog: Dementia awareness and beyond

18 May 2015

The dementia challenge is about much more than awareness raising - where do we go from here?

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Blog: Care and Humanity

30 March 2015

Remembering that patients are - above all - people is fundamental to treating them with humanity and compassion.

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Blog: New Models of Care: The vanguard sites

10 March 2015

Twenty nine 'vanguard sites' developing new models of integrated care and health have been announced. What are the prospects for these latest initiatives?

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Blog: Capped costs for long term care?

01 March 2015

The consultation on the 'capped costs' model for paying for care was published at the beginning of March 2015. Will the cap provide the promised 'protection and peace of mind', and how will it work in practice?

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Blog: Rising to the challenge?

25 February 2015

The Prime Minister continues to stress the priority of the dementia challenge and significant progress has been identified, but what difference is it making on the ground?

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The Dementia Challenge

07 February 2015

NHS South of England established a Dementia Challenge Fund in 2012/13 allocating £9 million across around 70 projects to drive local improvements and identify and implement practical solutions to the problems faced by people living with dementia. An independent evaluation of the programme was commissioned from Henwood Associates and the University of the West of England.

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Skills for Care: Asset based approaches

30 September 2014

Asset-based approaches in adult social care and in suppporting people at the end of their life were supported in a number of projects during 2013/14.

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Adult Social Care Reform

20 March 2012

Proposals for the reform of adult social care have major implications for practice. This paper explores some of the issues that need to be addressed particularly in changing assessment and eligibility.

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Paying for social care

Paying for social care

01 January 2011

People who 'self-fund' social care often find themselves poorly equipped to navigate their way to services. This reports explores the experience of people undertaking these 'journeys without maps.'

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Commission for Social Care Inspection

01 January 2009

The Commission for Social Care Inspection commissioned a number of pieces of work from Melanie Henwood and Bob Hudson in 2008 and 2009. The special studies formed part of the annual report of CSCI on the state of social care in England.

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The Independent Living Fund

01 March 2007

The Independent Living Fund was established as a transitional measure in 1988 and expected to close within five years. It remained in existence and provided a parallel system of funding for adult social care. The review of the ILF considered whether the ILF should continue in this form and if not what should replace it.

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