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Long-term care and short-term thinking

22 November 2017

The announcement on 16th November 2017 that a green paper on social care for older people will be published by next summer is a familiar tale. We have been around this issue multiple times over the past two decades. The case for an equitable, transparent and sustainable solution is self-evident and demands cross-party support.

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Organ Donation: Opting in or out?

27 October 2017

Organ (and blood) donation is of vital importance, but should it remain voluntary, rather than on the basis of presumed consent?

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NHS Continuing healthcare funding

11 July 2017

Funding for NHS continuing care is anomalous, irregular and often baffling for those trying to get support from the system, why are these issues still recurring over many years?

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Grenfell Tower Tragedy

21 June 2017

The response to the Grenfell Tower fire in the days that followed appearared chaotic, and a contrast with other major emergency response. What went wrong?

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Election manifestos and social care

24 May 2017

A dementia tax or a National Care Service? Political positioning on adult social care during the 2017 election campaign.

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Conservative Manifesto and social care

22 May 2017

The unravelling of the Tory proposals for adult social care raise some fundamental questions.

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Abuse in home care

02 March 2017

Inadequate investment and a continued failure to regular care workers will ensure a downward spiral of falling standards, low expectations and a culture of complacency that is unsustainable.

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Hospital Discharge: Not rocket science

16 May 2016

System-wide leadership and shared ownership still lacking

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Robbing Peter to pay Paul?

06 April 2016

Welfare reform is increasingly divisive and putting the interests of different cohorts in tension with one another.

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Transforming learning disability support

05 November 2015

A new national plan to transform learning disability services is right, but have we heard it all before?

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Refugee Crisis in Europe

04 September 2015

Britain must not stand by as a spectator to the unfolding refugee crisis.

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Long term care policy back in the long grass?

31 July 2015

The Government's announcement that it will delay by four years a cap on people's liability for the costs of social care is the latest in a long line of failures by successive administrations to resolve the challenge of paying for long term care.

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Capping care costs not straightforward

13 July 2015

With rumours (since confirmed) of delays to the full implementation of the Care Act, this blog for the Guardian explored why the cap on care costs is not straightforward.

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Carers movement turns 50

08 July 2015

50 years after carers became a public issue thanks to Mary Webster, it is time to reflect on achievements and to look to the future.

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Dementia Friendly Communities & Skills for Care

21 May 2015

A number of pilot projects were funded by Skills for Care through 2013/14 to develop Dementia Friendly Communities.

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The Dementia Challenge

07 February 2015

NHS South of England established a Dementia Challenge Fund in 2012/13 allocating £9 million across around 70 projects to drive local improvements and identify and implement practical solutions to the problems faced by people living with dementia. An independent evaluation of the programme was commissioned from Henwood Associates and the University of the West of England.

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Standing Commission on Carers

31 December 2014

In December 2014 Melanie was co-opted as a member of the Standing Commission on Carers. This is an independent advisory group providing expert advice to Ministers on carers' issues, and progress in delivering the National Carers Strategy.

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Skills for Care: Asset based approaches

30 September 2014

Asset-based approaches in adult social care and in suppporting people at the end of their life were supported in a number of projects during 2013/14.

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New website launched

11 March 2013

New website launched.

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Beyond Eligibility - Age UK

Beyond Eligibility - Age UK

30 September 2012

This study for Age UK examines local councils' approaches to universal and open access services for people who do not meet eligibility criteria for adult social care.

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Melanie Henwood - Health and Social Care Consultant

Melanie Henwood established her health and social care consultancy in 1991; prior to that she held posts at the King's Fund (1989-1991), the Family Policy Studies Centre (1983-1989), and the University of Bath (1981-1983).

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Recent Work

Seeing the Wood for the Trees: Scoping review on carer-related knowledge October 2017

This scoping review is a major piece of research undertaken by Melanie Henwood, in conjunction with Dr Mary Larkin (The Open University) and Prof Alisoun Milne (University of Kent). This NIHR-SSCR funded scoping review provides a comprehensive and unique mapping of what is known about carers and caring, and aims to help inform policy, practice and research in relation to carers. The review was undertaken by searching 10 electronic bibliographic databases, supplemented by additional web searches to identify academic research, grey literature and wider knowledge.

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Dementia Friendly Communities & Skills for Care May 2015

A number of pilot projects were funded by Skills for Care through 2013/14 to develop Dementia Friendly Communities.

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Blog: Dementia awareness and beyond May 2015

The dementia challenge is about much more than awareness raising - where do we go from here?

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